Paul and Hector are the best! They worked with me quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively to remediate an urgent electrical matter. He advised me thoughtfully amidst the process of working with the Oakland Permit Inspections office and given how smoothly everything went, I would say confidently that his advice and judgment are to be trusted. The #1 thing about working with Paul is consistent and prompt communication via text. He remains professional and does not over-communicate or get chatty over this line of contact. He remains clear, consistent, and to the point about when he will be arriving and the scope of work for each day. Every time I needed information; he was able to provide a prompt response! As a handy owner, I appreciated that he was willing to let me save costs by doing some of the simple work (like touching up the drywall). I also had some unrelated drywall damage that was looming over me, and he gave me some pointers that ended up saving me some money and a trip to my local big box store. He is a talented specialist and he spends his time efficiently on his specialties. He was also willing to check out some panel work that was looming over my head. He confirmed my suspicion that the panels were outdated. He was also knowledgeable enough of Oakland code to know that some changes needed to be made during the panel replacement. He gave me a great package deal on some new quality panels, a strong warranty, and provided accurate advice about how to wrap all of this work into a single permit pull. Great experience!

John H. | 5 Stars

I had a great experience with the electrician. Reasonably priced and best of all very knowledgeable. Thank you again for the great service!

Nancy S. | 5 Stars

Paul was great very patient with all my questions and gave me a good price! He also responded more quickly than other electricians.

Kathy H. | 5 Stars

We are so happy we found Alive Electric! The work completed and customer service was excellent. I feel so lucky to have found Paul and his team. We needed help in a pinch and Paul was extremely responsive. He fit us in his schedule last minute and got the work done in a very timely manner. Super knowledgeable and professional. The best and I would highly recommend anyone!

Lisa M. | 5 Stars

Paul and Hector came to our house within their 2-hour service window scheduled earlier in the week. We had an initial set of electrical problems at the house that needed immediate attention. But after we saw how competent they were, we decided on the spot to have them do additional work for us. Paul communicated with an appliance company while at the house to determine the proper way to connect to one of our new appliances. He also interacted with another one of our contractors by phone, and even they went out of their way to say how impressed they were with Paul's technical depth. As for Hector, he is simply a magician with all things related to electrical installation. They worked for about 6 hours at the house, and everything was completed flawlessly. We are extremely happy with the work they did for us and would not hesitate to use them again or to recommend them to other customers.

David | 5 Stars

Half my house was out of power kept blowing the breaker put new circuits in still blowing the breaker I called Paul from alive electric and he diagnosed me over the phone amazing amazing very impressive customer service thanks again Paul

Ron G.| 5 Stars

Paul and Hector were a great team! We had multiple electrical issues, and they were able to address them all. Paul educated us about why some of these things were happening, and helped us make some changes that will save us money on our electrical bill. They were able to get the work done within a day, and were so polite and easy to work with.

Ellen B. | 5 Stars

Great work. Reasonable price. Very knowledgeable. Good folks. Highly recommend

Eric M. | 5 Stars

Great service! Very helpful, amd up to date repair. Highly recommended.

Hamir A. | 5 Stars

Paul came to our house on New Year's day very happy and nice. Showed my sister Geri and I what was going on. I will call him back anytime I have a problem. Great person

Elise H. | 5 Stars

Paul and Hector were very professional and did an excellent job. I would recommend them for all your residential electrical needs

Jeff C. | 5 Stars

Excellent service. I will use again.

Page S. | 5 Stars

Good quality service. Thanks.

Doug F. | 5 Stars

Absolutely wonderful experience! Paul was polite, caring and concerned. Once he found the problem, fixed. Never in a million years would I have thought to check where Paul checked. What a great 'Detective'. I will recommend Alive Electrical. Thanks again, Pam

Pam C.| 5 Stars

Excellent service , determine to fix problems no matter how difficult

Michelle B. | 5 Stars

Paul was very professional. Did a good job at a fair price. Highly recommend!

Oren P. | 5 Stars

I used Alive Electric to replace a broken light fixture in my 100 year old apartment building. Paul was helpful, quick, explained what he was doing and why and I was satisfied with the whole experience.

Tom M.

Called Alive Electric phone center, got appointment to the next day, electrician came and found the problem with circuit breaker was a simple loose wired which he tightened. And he waived the payment !
Very good customer service. Will sure call again when we need an electrician next time.

Shai R.

The service received was very professional and timely. The work was very complicated and was well performed. The worker was Nick P.

Dana S.

I recently had a fantastic experience with Alive Electric in Concord. I had a complicated TV/Home theater job that started with a call to Alive Electric about potentially installing a new outlet or even a new circuit. Nick came out and ended up installing my entire home theater system (mount, tv, soundbar). He installed an outlet right behind the TV ,ran all the cables to all of the media components I wanted behind the wall, and put professional plates on everything. While he told me up front he doesn't typically install wall mounts and TVs, you'd never know it because he approached it like a real pro. While the bid for the job wasn't cheap, the value was huge. You get what you pay for and this was worth every single penny.

Thanks Nick - GREAT Job!

Mark R.

My home is 40+ years old with an electrical system that never was touched or upgraded. I had the breakers on my main panel keep tripping. I called in Alive Electric. It turned out I needed an electrical upgrade going from 110 to 220.
While the cost was not anticipated, Nick and his crew started in the morning at 9:00 a.m. and did not leave my house until 10:00 p.m. making sure we had power. The electrical job, the patching and cleanup were all done very well.
To me it is not how you start a job but how you finish. Alive Electric met all my demands and did an outstanding job in the process. They even did a couple of extra items at no charge changing out a couple of plugs and switches that needed attention.
In the future, I know who I will call when I have an electrical issue around my home.

Doug S.

I used these guys five years ago when I first bought my house. They put in a new fuse box, replaced a bunch of wire, rerouted two glass tube junction boxes and put in a lot of new switches. I've had no problems since then and when I decided to get my bathroom electrical upgraded, I naturally thought of Alive Electric.

They came out, I told them what I wanted...he quoted me a fair price (with a 10% discount for mentioning YELP) and got to work. They were finished sooner than I expected.

These guys are fast, polite, respectful and informative. I asked questions and they had answers. They didn't try to "up-sell" me and they basically let me make the decisions. After the quote was agreed to, I realized I wanted some specific nuances and they agreed to do a little extra, without an additional charge.

I will certainly use Alive Electric again in the future. I cannot recommend them enough. Fast, quality service.

Marc C.

A gentleman named David came to our door to help us with an electrical problem. He was amazing, very informative and a great help. Very friendly great personality. He made us feel comfortable and confident in him. We will be calling and asking for David in the future if we need more work! Thanks David for keeping my family safe you totally rock!

Sandy H.

Paul is the man!
He took care of our light switch problem and filled me in on a boatload of electrical information.

Doug S.

We really appreciate the hard work your electrician did for us today and I will be asking for him in the future if ever needed. I will refer this company to all my friends who might need electrical work! Thanks man! And thank u for sending a great employee.

Juan J.

The electrician arrived as stated every day. He was courteous, very friendly, explained things as he worked, neat, tidy and if a mess was made, he cleaned up and patched holes that he made. Will request this electrician if we ever have something to do in the future.

Rachelle H.

Everything including canlights..look awesome. ..thank you your the

Matthew P.

Had an electrical problem a few years back and a newer unrelated issue this past weekend. I would like to personally thank and acknowledge my technician for his patience and quality of work. If you have problem that is electrical in nature...I strongly recommend this service.

Michael T.

I had a 1949 ranch-style home that was literally falling apart and decided to tear it down and rebuild it anew. I needed an electrical contractor to perform the ground-up electric work and I interviewed several. I decided on Alive Electric after meeting with Paul. And I'm very glad I did.
He gave me a detailed quote on all the services he would provide (everything from rough-in to finish) and the work was performed in a professional manner mainly by Robert, his journeyman.
There were many challenges along the way and both Robert and Paul would offer solutions that worked beautifully. From scheduling conflicts with other contractors, to recommending specific lighting and wiring options, Alive Electric came through every time.
I am very happy with the service and professionalism that they gave my family and me.

Brian A.

Had some outlets not working at my property in Concord. Talked to Cheri on the phone, she was really friendly and scheduled an appointment for me. Today was the appointment, scheduled for 1 - 5pm. The assigned electrician was stuck in Oakland on an earlier job and could not make it to me. I talked to Cheri and she assigned another electrician named Jeff who was coming from another job.

Jeff arrived at the new specified time and quickly went to work troubleshooting the issue of the non working outlets. He explained possible issues and eventually found that there were some tripped GFI outlets causing the subsequent outlets not to work. He reset them and didn't charge me for the troubleshooting and resolution of the issue because of the late appointment. I was very happy with Jeff's attitude, explanations, and work and would recommend him. Thanks Jeff for your help, will contact you guys for future service

Robert N.

The electrician came out to my home this past Monday. He was very professional and thorough. He asked, "What ya do". I was like "Nothing ". It was so funny the look he gave me. I want to apologize to him as well. I have the most inconveniently located fuse box on the planet. One needed baby hands to get to it. He wrestled with it and saved the day. We had power again. He was extremely nice and accommodating I appreciated all the work. If I could bake I would bake them a cake. I will definitely use them for my upcoming project.

Alisha B.

I had the electrician come out and restore power on a three day weekend, he had to come out first to review the damage from an unfortunate u-verse installation error, and restore power. Then he returned the next day to complete the job which included sheet rock repair and texturing.

Christine R.

Our hot water heater had no hot water and we had a plumber out yesterday and he suggested that we call an electrician. I called Alive Electric this morning and I was pleasantly surprised by the girl who said" how can I make you happy!" What a kind and nice way to begin the conversation. She gave me a timeline. The electrician was very professional, put on booties, and surveyed our problem. Our heater wires were arcing and could have caused an electrical fire. He fixed our problem, and was very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend this company, and was impressed with their service! We now have hot water again! Thank you. You are the best!

Linda C.

We had a very good experience with Alive Electric. They helped figure out what we needed, and kept in good communication throughout the project. Robert M. is a superb electrician. Along with assistant electrician Steve, he persisted until he had figured out some odd problems in our older home. Yes, they were quite expensive. But Robert fixed what another electrician had done wrong (and 2 others never figured out). It was worth it to us to finally have things done right.

Jan W.

My experience with Mr. Sparky started out poorly. They originally scheduled a 4-hour window to assess my issue. The morning of the scheduled visit they called and said an "emergency" came up and they'd have to reschedule. OK, stuff happens. We rescheduled for a few days later. Come the end of the window I called and they told me they weren't going to make it within the window they gave me. At this point I was thinking these guys were flakes and was ready to be done, however I spoke to someone who apologized and said he'd waive the $59 estimate fee. OK, I gave them one more chance and reschedule yet again. This is where everything turned around. Nick P. called me within the new time window and showed up on time. Young looking guy, super nice; friendly, respectful and really seemed to have experience. He quickly diagnosed the problem for my non-working landscaping lights - turns out I had a bad timer switch box and an outlet box that was not optimal. Nick gave me an estimate of $600 for parts and labor but said he would do it for $300, half off because of all the problems I had. He had to order parts and came back a few days later to finish. He finished the job in less than two hours and did great work. When it came time to pay he apologized again for all the hassle and said Alive Electric decided to do the entire job at no charge. What?! No charge?! Nobody does that! He wouldn't even let me tip him. I have to say after a rocky start Nick and the company came through big time. I'm so happy that my external lights are working again and the outlet box is now set up properly and water-proofed. The next time I have need for an electrician I'm definitely calling.

Bill B.