Tired of Tripped Breakers?

Tired of Tripped Breakers?

We handle circuit breaker installation work in Concord, Oakland, CA and surrounding areas

If your circuit panel is outdated, your home's electrical system might not be up to code. Alive Electric Service handles circuit breaker installation services in Concord, Oakland, CA and surrounding areas. We perform breaker repair, replacement and installation work.

Make sure your family is safe. Set up a circuit breaker installation appointment today by calling 510-749-9113.

When to schedule an electrical panel upgrade

Older electrical panels can't handle the average home's energy usage. This can result in a number of problems, signaling the need for an electrical panel upgrade. Ask an electrician to look at your electrical panel if:

  • Breakers trip suddenly with no apparent cause
  • Reset breakers won't stay in the on position
  • Breakers fail to trip when overloaded
Alive Electric Service offers electrical panel upgrade services to clients in Concord, Oakland, CA and surrounding areas. Call today to schedule a panel inspection.